Planning a suburban area: analysis of the design rules for sections of different shapes

Planning a suburban area: analysis of the design rules for sections of different shapes

Happy owners of suburban areas and owners who have just entered into their rights to use the land are faced with many nuances: starting from the location of the house, buildings and ending with an elementary planting of fruit trees. Careful planning of the suburban area will prevent mistakes that arise when making hasty decisions, and ensure the effective use of the entire territory of the site.

Basic principles of site planning

The layout of a country house plot depends primarily on the nature of the relief, the shape of the plot of land, adjacent buildings and other features of the localities. Important factors are the peculiarity of the location of the site: upland or lowland, the presence of water sources, location on the site of a former forest or steppe.

A well-planned space will allow you to accommodate, even on a small plot, all the owner's ideas: a cozy house, a swimming pool or a bath, a quiet corner for relaxation, a gorgeous garden with fruit crops

The layout of the garden plot, which will delight the owners with the lush flowering of crops and active fruiting, requires taking into account the level of the ground, which can further affect the direction of the flow of rain or melt water.

For the arrangement of a summer cottage, it may be necessary to locally remove or add soil, arrange a blind area near the walls of buildings, and organize gutters.

To strengthen the slopes, you can use special structures: terraces and slopes, retaining walls and stairs

The vertical layout of the site will make it possible to maximally adapt the existing relief for the growth of valuable crops, as well as protect the foundations of buildings from rain and flood waters.

The key to a successful site layout is also taking into account the sides of the horizon. This will make it possible to rationally place all plantings and buildings, taking into account the solar illumination at different times of the day and year. Buildings and large trees should preferably be placed on the north side so that their shadow does not fall on green spaces. In addition, the facade of the house, located on the north side of the site, will face south. This arrangement will allow you to achieve natural sunlight in rooms throughout the day.

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If the territory allows, then it is advisable to equip a front garden between the street and the facade of the house, which will act as a decorative barrier against dust and street noise

The best option is the conditional division of the site into functional parts - zones that are represented by:

  • living area;
  • recreation area;
  • a zone of outbuildings;
  • garden and garden area.

Rational zoning will allow you to correctly distribute the placement of objects in the dacha structure. A tenth of the entire territory is mainly allocated for the residential zone, about 15% of the total area is spent on the arrangement of the zone of outbuildings, the largest area is allocated for the garden zone - 50-75%. Allocation of territory for the arrangement of a recreation area can be carried out by reducing the area for garden crops or outbuildings.

The nuances of planning the main elements of the landscape

The house is the primary building object of any site

The layout of the personal plot begins with determining the location of the main building. The subsequent breakdown of the territory directly depends on the location of the house.

If the main focus of the site is on the arrangement of the garden area, then it is more preferable to place the house closer to the fence

This will expand the area provided for the cultivation of sun-loving crops, some of which delight with lush flowering, and others with a rich harvest.

If the site is intended primarily for the embodiment of picturesque landscape solutions and rest from the bustle of the city, then the placement of the house should also be a harmonious addition to the design idea.

The easiest type of design to implement is a garden in the English landscape style:

Placement of outbuildings

In general, first of all, the layout and design of the suburban area are aimed at making the most rational use of every corner of the territory, hiding little attractive elements of the landscape. A place for outbuildings is allocated in the depths of the site. It is advisable to arrange buildings so that they do not shade green spaces, but at the same time protect the territory from the winds.

In the absence of the opportunity to place this area at a distance from the house or recreation area, you can always resort to planting green spaces, the picturesque thickets of which will successfully decorate it

The best option for planning this zone is the arrangement of buildings on the northwest side of the site.

Allocation of a place for a recreation area

There is no single rule for placing a recreation area on a site. Its elements can be found both in several corners of the site of the site, and collected into a single composition in a designated place. A gazebo entwined with a picturesque clematis or other climbing plant can be a bright decoration of the territory. It is pleasant to spend time in such a cozy building, hiding from the scorching sun or pouring rain.

A spectacular addition to the recreation area will be flower beds, a miniature pond framed by moisture-loving plants, neatly laid out winding paths

Closer to the border of the site, you can place a bathhouse or a swimming pool. The layout and filling of the site depends only on the wishes and capabilities of its owners.

Sunny plot for the garden area

The brightest and most open place in the summer cottage is allocated for the arrangement of the vegetable garden and garden. To obtain the maximum yield, it is advisable to think over the planting of vegetable and horticultural crops so that they are not obscured by the buildings of the summer cottage. When choosing garden and horticultural crops for cultivation on the site, the conditions for their cultivation should be taken into account.

Some of them prefer moisture, others calmly tolerate drought, along with sun-loving representatives of the plant world, shade-tolerant specimens can often be found

Knowing these features, it is easy to give each plant a worthy place in the garden or in the garden, where it will feel comfortable surrounded by a pleasant neighborhood, delighting the owner with a bountiful harvest.

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Examples of breakdown of the territory of different shapes

Rectangular shape of the site

A standard rectangular plot is the most preferable option, allowing you to embody any ideas of the owner without resorting to special tricks.

This site layout can be applied to any rectangular area.

L-shaped plot

The main advantage of the configuration of the non-standard shape of the site is the isolation of the protruding part, which can be used as a niche, equipping a cozy corner of the recreation area, hidden behind a hedge from prying eyes.

The area, limited on three sides, disposes to a good rest away from the bustle of the city

Triangular shape of the site

The triangular-shaped plot opens up ample opportunities for arranging an asymmetric garden, decorated with rounded elements: gazebos, lawns and ponds.

The corners of the site can protrude for placing utility rooms or arranging a barbecue

Our expert told about the layout of the round section in his material:

There is nothing complicated in the layout of a suburban area. The main thing is to approach this issue wisely, combining practicality with beauty in order to further enjoy being in the bosom of nature for many years.

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Suburban area design - the basics of building landscape design and design rules (125 photos)

The area around the dacha or private house should be a priori well-groomed, beautiful and comfortable. Organization of comfortable recreation areas, front gardens and flower beds, paving paths, artificial reservoirs, fountains - all this includes country landscape design.

Of course, you can turn to professional designers and decorators for help, but it is much easier, more economical and more interesting to think over the design of your personal plot yourself.

Brief content of the article:

Planning start

Before proceeding with construction and even planning such a construction, it is necessary to study the soil, not on every site it is possible to build a multi-storey building. And all other buildings can be placed more conveniently.

The study of the soil will help to easily conduct water and other communications.

After that, it remains only to distribute the buildings and future zones of the site in their places. Such a site design takes into account the cardinal points and the shape of the land plot.

Zones on the territory of the cottage

The layout of the suburban area depends precisely on the zones that will be included here. Each individual case will have its own list, but you can consider the largest example and a list of zones:

  • residential
  • recreation
  • outbuildings
  • garden
  • garden.

Zones on the territory

Each of them should have its own area depending on the total area. So, with the correct zoning, the residential part should be up to 20%. If you plan to build outbuildings, then this percentage should not exceed 15%. At the same time, the largest plot is allocated to the vegetable garden and orchard - 75%. This approach will diversify the landscape design and fill it with a wide variety of flowers and plant species.

  1. The house is placed first. Most often, the central zone is allocated for it, but the buildings are most often located somewhere in the depths. Interestingly and in an original way, they can be masked with decorative plantings that are not afraid of shadows.
  2. The resting place should be the most convenient and the best. In this case, the nature of the zone can be arranged or scattered. Here, do not forget about the place for the playground.
  3. The garden should be well lit, so the sunny side is assigned to it. The shadow from buildings should not obscure the territory.

The bathhouse and the pool are best placed next to the fence, since when placed in the central part, they will take up precious square meters.

Land layout: example of a phased plan

Design development and planning of a land plot or territory near a country house, 10, 20, 15 or 12 hectare in size, is an incredibly interesting and exciting activity. When it comes to such a large enough area for work, the one who plans the design of its landscape is practically unlimited at all. Indeed, in such an area there is the possibility of placing not only the most necessary, but also everything that your heart desires - for example, a huge number of fruitful vegetable beds or the creation of some kind of amazing garage design. The main thing is a well-thought-out plan and a correct work program.

Before creating a landscape design plan for a summer cottage territory, measuring 15, 10, 12 or 20 square meters, you should carefully consider the location of the main attributes, and only then fix it all on paper by making an accurate plan of your site - examples of such plans are provided on the Internet ...

As an example of a competent planning of the design of a plot of a summer cottage or a country house, you can use the following plan:

  • The premises of the house should be built in the northern zone of the summer cottage or in the backyard, which will provide an opportunity to save as much as possible and use the area illuminated by the sun's rays. It should be used as a place for setting up a garden or creating a vegetable garden, as well as an area that is intended for recreation.
  • Window openings should be made on both sides of the house - it is best to give preference to the western and eastern sides of the building. In this case, the territory of the entire summer cottage or suburban area, including the entire design of the site as a whole, can be clearly visible, and the rooms of the house will be bright. Then, when there is such an opportunity, window openings should be made on every wall of the house.
  • There should be a gate at a short distance from the front door that leads into the house. If you have your own car, the location of the garage should also be close to the home. You should not build it in the depths of the territory, because in this case, a lot of space is lost, which is necessary for arranging the entrance to the garage.

  • Farther from the building (that is, on the opposite side of the site), you can set up a garden and a vegetable garden - they must be surrounded by decorative fences. An important condition for this event is a competent choice of a place - it must necessarily be well lit by direct sunlight. Fruit and berry crops should be planted along the entire perimeter of the garden fence - this will provide an opportunity to reliably protect the harvest of fruits and vegetables that will grow in the beds from the wind, and in addition, they will also help hide from neighboring eyes.
  • At a short distance from the territory of the garden and vegetable garden, an outbuilding should be erected, in which all the necessary garden equipment will be stored.
  • The area intended for recreation should also be equipped at a short distance from the country house. On this territory, a gazebo should be built, a brazier should be installed not far from it and a place in which firewood will be stored should be arranged.
  • At a short distance from the area intended for the recreation of family members and guests of the dacha, it is necessary to create a children's corner. The device of such elements as a house, a trampoline and sandboxes will be able to please absolutely every little member of the family.

  • At a short distance from the recreation area, but away from the playground, an inflatable pool (or, if desired, any other) should be installed. Every family member or guest of a summer house / country house will want to freshen up in the water heated by the sun's rays on a hot afternoon - this is a good example of arranging a summer house.
  • In that zone of the summer cottage or suburban area, which is closest to the gazebo, a wooden bath should be built. The bath is extremely useful for maintaining the health of almost any modern person.
  • It remains to connect the buildings on the summer cottage with garden paths, beautifully paved with materials such as brick, tile or a wooden saw cut. In addition, paths can be created using concrete, expanded clay or any other coating.
  • Lanterns and flower beds with decorative flowering crops should be installed at both ends of the paths. The use of decorative figures of animals and gnomes is also appropriate here. In addition, it is good to place a couple of benches and a small number of stumps along the edges of the paths.

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