Easy care plants around a palm tree

Easy care plants around a palm tree

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Designing Idea. Welcome to our guide to potted palm trees for your patio including the best types for shaded and sunny patio designs. There are, of course, those potted palm trees readily available at your local home and garden store, but there is generally a huge lack of variety, healthy plants, and size options. While adding one of these big box store palms might lend a tropical hand to your design, the true aesthetic of the right palm tree for your patio will add just the right finishing touch.

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What Palms Do Best in Containers?

Palms and cycads make striking container plants for decks, patios, porches and around pools, adding an exotic and tropical touch to our outdoor living areas. The palm family is quite fascinating with about 2, species coming from many different climate zones, tropical, subtropical or temperate. While most palm trees thrive in the landscape, there are also quite a few species that are suitable to container gardening. Generally speaking, if you want to grow a palm in a container, select species that are either slow-growing or low-growing which should be able to remain in the same container for years.

After that time, transplant them into a larger container. Make sure the species selected is also drought tolerant so that it can adapt to the limited moisture in a container.

Grown for its striking foliage color and texture, Bismarckia nobilis Bismarck Palm is an evergreen palm adorned with a thick trunk topped by a broad rounded head of gorgeous, stiff, intensely steel-blue, fan-shaped fronds, 4 ft. The persistent leaf bases are split, creating an attractive pattern on the trunk. Grown for its striking foliage color, Brahea armata Mexican Blue Palm is an erect palm adorned with a thick solitary trunk covered by fibrous leaf bases and topped by a crown of gorgeous, blue-green, fan-shaped fronds.

A strong and dramatic statement in the landscape. Brahea edulis Guadalupe Palm is a small to medium sized palm adorned with a thick solitary trunk and a low canopy of bluish-green, fan-shaped fronds. It is a relatively slow grower, adding 12 in.

Guadalupe Palm makes a strong and dramatic statement in the landscape. Slow-growing, Butia capitata Jelly Palm is a handsome small evergreen palm with a stout solitary trunk crowned with blue-green to gray-green leaves that curve in towards the trunk. The pinnately compound leaves form a dense, full crown and arch gracefully creating a slightly weeping effect.

Among the hardiest palms, Chamaerops humilis European Fan Palm is a bushy evergreen palm forming a medium-sized rounded shrub or a small tree. It can be stemless or multi-trunked with up to 8 trunks.

It is crowned by large, fine-textured, blue green to silver green, fan-shaped leaves. Very slow-growing and long-lived, award-winning Cycas revoluta Sago Palm is a palm-like evergreen perennial with a very attractive rosette of shiny, arching, pinnate leaves, up to ft.

Popular as an ornamental plant throughout the world, it makes an eye-catching specimen and looks superb in a container. Cherished for its incredible color, Cyrtostachys renda Lipstick Palm is a slow-growing tropical palm with a thin, bright green trunk adorned with white rings, and a long and glossy, crimson crownshaft from which the fronds emerge , resembling a tube of lipstick. It is an exquisite plant for containers or as an indoor plant. Slow-growing, Dioon edule Chestnut Dioon is an elegant, palm-like, evergreen cycad with an open rosette of large, stiff and straight, blue-green, pinnate leaves, up to ft.

Borne atop a short stocky trunk, the leaves are divided into up to spine-tipped, narrow leaflets. Drought and salt tolerant, Dioon edule is also one of the most cold hardy cycads.

Exceptionally handsome, Dypsis decaryi Triangle Palm is a small to medium sized palm adorned with a solitary trunk topped with a three-ranked crown of gray-green to blue-green, keeled, feather leaves. Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Bottle Palm is a picturesque evergreen palm with a smooth, pale gray to almost white trunk resembling a rounded bottle when young.

As the palm ages, the swollen base becomes less pronounced and elongated. On top of the trunk sits a sparse canopy of gracefully arching, glossy dark green, feather-like leaves. A moderate grower, Bottle Palm is drought and salt tolerant. Exceptionally beautiful, Latania loddigesii Blue Latan Palm is an evergreen palm adorned with a pale gray trunk topped by a gorgeous canopy of very thick, stiff, silvery-blue, fan-shaped leaves with red margins, 8 ft.

Slow-growing, Blue Latan Palm is a very tough and adaptable palm that enjoys heat, sun and dry conditions. It makes a strong and dramatic statement in any landscape. A beautiful species with its soft, cascading appearance, Livistona chinensis Chinese Fan Palm is a medium-sized evergreen palm with a slender trunk adorned with up to 50 large, coarse-textured, emerald-green, palmate leaves, up to ft.

Fairly slow-growing and exotic-looking, Livistona chinensis tolerates dry periods and enjoys fair salt tolerance. Slow-growing, Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm is a majestic evergreen palm tree with a stout trunk topped with a rich green, rounded crown with up to gracefully arching featherlike fronds. Easy to grow, Canary Island Date Palm is drought and salt tolerant. A widely cultivated species, Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm is a dwarf evergreen palm tree with a slender trunk topped with a dense crown of fine-textured, lustrous green, gracefully arching fronds.

Gray-brown, the trunk is embossed with diamond-shaped leaf bases. Popular as a container plant in northern gardens and conservatories. Reminiscent of bamboos, Rhapis excelsa Lady Palm is a small evergreen palm with upright, slender, bamboo-like canes bearing delicate, glossy, dark green, fan-shaped leaves.

The sturdy canes are covered with brown fibers which fall as the plant ages, revealing the bamboo-like trunks. One of the hardiest palms, Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto is a small evergreen palm, usually trunkless but sometimes with a short trunk.

At the tips of long smooth unarmed petioles are huge, fan-shaped leaves that can reach 3 ft. A very aristocratic-looking species, Syagrus romanzoffiana Queen Palm is an elegant evergreen palm with an exceptionally straight, slender trunk and a high canopy of gracefully arching, feather-like fronds that can reach ft. Trachycarpus fortunei Chinese Windmill Palm is an evergreen palm forming a small tree with a terminal tuft of deeply divided, fan-shaped, dark green leaves, up to 3 ft.

They rise atop a stout trunk that is densely covered with hairy black fibers from old leaf sheaths. While every effort has been made to describe these plants accurately, please keep in mind that height, bloom time, and color may differ in various climates.

The description of these plants has been written based on numerous outside resources. Read More. Becoming a contributing member of Gardenia is easy and can be done in just a few minutes. We use cookies on this website, you can read about them here. To use the website as intended please Accept Cookies. Alphabetical Plant Listing. View or Create Collections. Planting : Use a well-draining soil rich in organic material When you remove the container from the root ball of your newly purchased palm, make sure you handle with care the root ball.

Some palms suffer from having their roots cuts or bent and could undergo severe shock. Palms are very intolerant of being planted too deep, regardless of age or size. Fill in air pockets and compact the backfill around the root ball. Water the root zone thoroughly. Irrigation frequency varies considerably depending on the species grown, the prevailing temperatures, the type of growing substrate, and the size of the container.

A reasonable rule-of-thumb is to make sure that the substrate remains evenly moist but never saturated. Fertilize again one month later or as instructed on the product label. When your palm is established, fertilize 4 times a year. Pretty Palms and Cycads for your Containers. Bismarckia nobilis Bismarck Palm. Brahea armata Mexican Blue Palm. Brahea edulis Guadalupe Palm. Butia capitata Jelly Palm. Chamaerops humilis European Fan Palm. Cycas revoluta Sago Palm. Cyrtostachys renda Lipstick Palm.

Dioon edule Chestnut Dioon. Dypsis decaryi Triangle Palm. Hyophorbe lagenicaulis Bottle Palm. Latania loddigesii Blue Latan Palm. Livistona chinensis Chinese Fan Palm. Phoenix canariensis Canary Island Date Palm. Phoenix roebelenii Pygmy Date Palm. Rhapis excelsa Lady Palm. Sabal minor Dwarf Palmetto. Syagrus romanzoffiana Queen Palm. Trachycarpus fortunei Chinese Windmill Palm. Related Items Guides. Pretty Fragrant Orchids Aside from their beauty, some orchids exude a wonderful Get garden design ideas Find your perfect garden.

Find the plants that work for you Ideas for seasons and regions. Design your garden Use our interactive tools to design your dream garden. Find your Hardiness Zone. Where are you based? Find your Climate Zone. Find your Heat Zone. My Region USA. Create New Collection. Please Login to Proceed. Join Gardenia. Join now and start creating your dream garden! Create a New Collection Collection Name. Collection Description Optional.

Palm Plant Indoor Care – The Ultimate Care Guide For Your Palm Plant

There are types that can stay short for decades but the palm trees on this list reach about 20 feet tall or less at maturity. Note that some of these small sized palms prefer shade as they typically grow under the canopies of larger trees in the wild. Note that some of these palms prefer shade as they typically grow under the canopies of larger trees in the wild. Considered a fantastic house plant for beginners, the sago palm also does well in container gardens and planted directly in soil outdoors.

The USDA plant hardiness zones for the Upper Gulf Coast of Texas are In general, bromeliads are inexpensive, easy to grow, require little care.

How to Grow and Care for Potted Palm Trees Outdoors

Small palm trees - growing to 20 feet or less - are some of South Florida's prettiest, most versatile landscape plants. Many home landscapes benefit from the tropical touch of a palm - and small palm trees go almost anywhere! Tropical doesn't have to mean tender - there are mini-palm trees that resist colder temps. The Plant Pages see links below will advise you on the cold-hardiness of each palm. Check the Plant Zone Map to see what temperatures you can expect in a normal South Florida winter, and then choose accordingly. You may not think of a 20' palm as small In fact, many homeowners can use these "mini-palms" in combinations for a complete package of heights, shapes, textures and even colors. Larger palms that grow slowly are often used as small landscape palms. The unique and whimsical Ponytail Palm can grow to 30' eventually it's included in the Large Palms section but it's a slow grower. As long as you know the ultimate height a plant can grow, you can make the right choices for your landscaping.

Palm Tree Landscaping Ideas: Indoor and outdoor Palm Paradise

Palms comprise a large, diverse group of plants with native habitats that range from deserts to rainforests. When choosing palms, pay close attention to plant tags or nursery catalog descriptions, and keep these two considerations in mind:. By choosing a palm that's suited to its intended space and purpose, you help ensure its beauty and health. You'll cut down on your maintenance as well. Many palms thrive in indoor light levels common in homes and offices.

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Outdoor Palm Tree Care

In colder parts of the world, palm trees represent the warmth and beauty of tropical climates. Many are surprised to learn that some of the 2,plus palm tree varieties can be grown in non-tropical regions. Whether your palms are located outside or indoors, keep them in tip-top shape with the right palm tree care methods. Hotel lobbies are popular spots for palm trees. After all, these tropical beauties offer a sense of luxury and promote relaxation. Palm trees, especially the kentia and parlor varieties, can be grown indoors.

20 Types of Palm Trees to Grow Indoors – Palm Trees in Pots

I get a lot of emails asking if palm trees can grow in containers. Yes they can. In fact, many palms are great for growing in pots around pools, on patios and porches. For many homeowners that live in colder climates, potted palm trees might be the only option to add exotic and tropical feel to their outdoor area. When grown outside, potted palm trees have the same light, temperature, soil and moister requirements as they do when grown in the ground. Since fast-growing palms will outgrow containers quickly, choose slow-growing palms that should be able to remain in the same container for two to four years.

Bring some foliage indoors with the addition of palms from Homebase. If you're looking for a low maintenance plant, then a garden palm is your answer.

16 Palm Tree Landscaping Ideas and Designs

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Add easy-care, fantastic foliage to every room! Palms add architectural elegance and leafy lushness -- indoors and out. See our selection of favorite palms. We love to use inexpensive Majesty palms everywhere -- in rooms that need a little life and on patios and porches.

Perhaps because of their association with tropical environments, palms elicit feelings of peace and relaxation like no other plant can.

Fast, fabulous and fun, container gardens add zing to any deck, patio or yard. Check out our ideas for pretty plant combinations just right for the Midwest. Bring life to your patio with container gardens of terra-cotta pots and purple hues. This plant includes Areca Palm, Rex Begonia, caladium, purple shamrock and variegated ivy. Read more about this container. A long planter chock-full of flowers and foliage substitutes for a window box on a porch railing.

Indoor palm plants can be a beautiful and exotic addition to your home. These tropical plants can transform a dull space into a vibrant atmosphere of life. Indoor palm plants come in many shapes, sizes, and species. So, there are plenty of different types to consider before deciding which plants will best fit your space and decor.


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